Cloud, Software & Apps for IoT applications

At Fiot, we focus on building apps and cloud infrastructure for IoT systems, including proximity-based advertising using Bluetooth Beacon, smart inventory management, outdoor/indoor positioning, real-time data streaming and remote control/monitoring.

Fiot’s Proprietary Technologies

Implement your custom mobile solutions for Smartwatches, Wearable, and Smart Homes

Wearable Device

Validate mobile app prototype with UX/UI design and technical specs to reduce market risk

Proof of Concept

Provide mobile app development solutions and experiences tailored specifically to iOS or Android users

Mobile App

Get technical support for existing mobile solution, including updates and bug fixes

Maintenance & Support

Our extensive range of services in Software & App development brings us the customer’s satisfaction. We are passionate about building software that challenges innovation, agility, and competition. Our firms of experts have skilled manpower to make all the process flawless and gain the practical criteria from the discovery stage to post-launch enhancement stage.

Business on the go with mobile development services

Achieved better visibility and Increase productivity

Smartphones have revolutionized people’s day-to-day lives. Going mobile helps businesses broaden market coverage, increase visibility, and bring value to demanding customers.

Given broad range of smart phone capable of running Android/iOS, custom mobile app development services can create apps for everything from smart watches to powered digital signages, TVs. We can help a business set up long-lasting relationships with customers no matter where they are, even offline.

Mobile app development solutions take companies to a new level of performance and let them meet valuable business and industry needs.

Increased customer engagement and business

Regular interactions with a brand through an application can help companies boost customer trust and loyalty. A high-performance mobile app helps users access brands, goods, and services more quickly.

We use modern programming languages to create an app for flexible and effective engagement with users. And we also use proven technologies and approaches that allow us to easily extend and scale your products.

Developing a mobile application is always a wise investment. The mobile application development services provide a return on investment and can increase conversion rates.

Streamline workflows and Optimize processes

The success of modern business processes depends on automation and digitalization. Our services are key to building reliable software and providing regular and timely updates. Speed, agility, and efficiency make advantageous for the ever-changing business environment.

Along with developing entirely new applications with modern solutions replace legacy database management systems. We can optimize the development life cycle, allowing companies to launch their business solutions quicker and please users with frequent updates.

Through that the organizations can deliver superior products that surpass market expectations, are profitable, increase productivity, and outdo the competition.

Technologies We Use